My elevator pitch

Let me tell you a secret.

There are a lot of smart, capable people out there who are not great writers. 

I’m going to be frank. I was never particularly good at math. I can do arithmetic and simple algebra, but the farther I went in school, the harder it became for me. Most people pursue careers that are a good match for their interests — and their interests are usually related to their actual skills. 

So if you’re good at business, or have a head for numbers, you still might not necessarily be an expert writer. Even if you’re a capable writer, you’ve probably chosen to devote your mental energy to other pursuits. 

As for me, I’ve devoted my mental energy throughout my life to becoming a better writer. And I want to use these hard-won skills to help you with any writing challenges you might have.

Whether you’ve been asked to offer a toast to the bride or a tribute to a longtime colleague, let an expert guide you on those occasions when it matters most. 

When you have a leaky faucet or a wonky light switch, you call an expert. So if you want a website, Facebook page or brochure for your business, don’t leave things to chance either. Call a writing expert. 

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