The most important thing I keep in mind when writing a speech is that it’s not MY speech. It belongs to the person I’m writing it for. My goal with every speech is to write it using words that you would use, so when you deliver it, it sounds like YOU wrote it. I take into account the occasion, the required tone, and the audience, but mostly I take into account how you talk and what you want to say.

While working for the RCMP I wrote numerous speeches for external and internal events, including for this graduation ceremony.

I have also written speeches for federal Ministers, including this one for the National Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured in the workplace.

Your friends and loved ones don’t lead cookie-cutter lives, and they deserve more than a cookie-cutter tribute. If you need to deliver a speech for a happy occasion like a wedding, let me create one for you that will show the guests just how special this happy occasion really is. Here’s a sample.

If you are called upon to deliver a eulogy, you don’t have much time to prepare, and you want to make sure you offer something that everybody in the room can relate to. I can help you to deliver a moving eulogy that will make your loved ones proud and capture what made the deceased special to you and to the mourners.

Weddings and funerals aren’t the only times we’re asked to pay tribute, though. Many professional events require someone to read a short biography of the speaker or speakers. If you want your audience to look forward to your next keynote, an engaging and interesting introduction will have your audience eagerly anticipating the next speaker’s words.