Delivering a Wedding Speech? Read This First

Someday (soon?) we will be able to come out of self-isolation and try to begin returning to something like normal life. Although we will be forever changed by the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will also be a great hunger to be among friends and family once again.

Weddings that have been postponed will be rescheduled. Best men, parents and others will once again be called upon to say a few words as they raise a toast to the newlyweds. And once again, those who are asked to lead this ritual will ask themselves what on earth they should say and how on earth they got roped into this.

Public speaking, and off-the-cuff speechifying, come easily to just a few fortunate people. Some of us dread it like (dare I say it in these times?) the plague. Most of us fall somewhere between these extremes. We have varying levels of comfort with public speaking, and varying levels of concern that we don’t make fools of ourselves. 

Some people take the honour of speaking at a wedding very seriously, and want to make sure they play a role in making the day special for the happy couple. If this sounds like you, let me give you a few pieces of advice.

Number one, take it easy on the alcohol until you’ve had your moment in the spotlight. The night is young, and nobody wants to see a member of the wedding party rambling incoherently.

Number two, even sober, don’t assume you’re going to be able to go up there and wing it, even if you and the groom have been best buds since you were in t-ball together, or even if you used to take the bride fishing every Saturday morning until she suddenly discovered boys. You may have years and years of experiences to share, and not more than five or 10 minutes to do it in. You could spend that time recounting the times you embarrassed yourselves in public, and embarrassing everybody in the room in the process. 

Or you can say something relatable, and also meaningful, that will leave the guests with a warm feeling about you and the happy couple, instead of squirming in their seats. The choice is yours. 

So think about what makes your relationship special, think about what makes this couple special, and think about how you can make the guests feel that they are taking part in something special.

It’s actually a bit of a tall order for most of us. You could go online and try to find some advice about what to say at events like this, and you will probably find some. But what you won’t find online are instructions on how to gain the experience and expertise that are needed to write a really meaningful speech, in our own voice, that you can deliver with confidence.

You might even decide that this is something you could use a little help with. There certainly are writing services that will be happy to take your money and give you a ready-made wedding speech in 24 hours.

But the bride and groom are unique people, with unique personalities and unique stories. You want to do them justice. That’s why you need a speech writer who will give you a unique speech that tells the guests who these people are and why they are special to you. With my expertise in interviewing interesting people, paired with my writing skills and experience, you can count on me to provide you with a speech that is personal, heartfelt and easy on the ears. One that will make the happy couple even happier, and one that will make you proud to have had the chance to deliver it.

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